A Look Back

In 1906 when west Nashville joined the greater Nashville area, the new Sylvan Park neighborhood found itself without a school. The following year, a two-room wood frame building with a large central hall was hastily erected and named Sylvan Park School. The new school had no plumbing and the students drank water using a dipper from a well.

The original building faced a short extension of Utah Avenue and is the reason the current school has a Utah address. The school taught grades 1-8. With the increase of students, another two-room building was erected directly west of the first building. It housed grades 1-4 and became known as Little Hall.

In 1936 the two frame buildings were torn down and a new art deco- style brick structure was built facing 48th Street. In 1950, the north wing was added, including four more classrooms, a modern kitchen and a large cafeteria. In 1953, a similar wing was built to the south. This wing consisted of six classrooms and storage facilities.

In 2002, a $3.3 million renovation added 25,000 square feet. This new addition retained the charm and character of the old school but also created 11 new classrooms, a multipurpose gymnasium, heating and air conditioning system, new office area and a new kitchen.

Students returned in 2003 and the school officially became a Paideia Design Center.

— Source: Sylvan Park Elementary