Invest in Your Child

This is a voluntary, tax deductible donation. It is our biggest and easiest fundraiser. All dollars raised go directly to the school in support of our students. This means that we share profits with no one! The more you give, the more we will have to help the school and students.

Every little bit counts

Please choose a donation level, or create your own. Paypal and credit card accepted.

Check Out the Progress We Have Made


Recent PTO Purchases

Monies earned through the INVEST campaign have allowed the PTO to purchase many much needed resources. Some of our recent purchases include:

• Website re-design
• Supplies for December art projects
• V-math subscription
• Teacher gift cards
• Teacher appreciation events
• Painting of the portable classroom


Increase in Donations

Thank you for INVESTing in Sylvan Park! This years donations have set a record of  $12,548! (See a list of this year's donors here.) We appreciate all of your generous contributions. Our campaign may be over, but it's never too late to make a difference. If you haven't made your contribution yet, just click the appropriate link above!


Community Support

Our school is fortunate to have such tremendous support from the families and members of our community. Be on the lookout for the various ways in which you can help support our goals such as attending our monthly fundraiser nights, linking your Target/Publix/ and Kroger cards to the school, sending in your box tops, and volunteering your time at our school events. Dates and times will be posted on facebook and our weekly newsletter.  


Have We Met Our Goal?

Yes we have! Your generosity brought in $12,548, shattering our $10,000 goal. Also, we had a 27% participation rate. And a big congratulations to the classes with the highest donation totals:
Mrs. Robinson - $1540, Mrs. Flower - $915, Mrs. Bray - $1735, Mrs. Doty - $1361, Mrs. Rogers - $725
These classes were treated to a Krispy Kreme doughnut party!