Pick Up Passes: turn in 5/23/24

A quick heads up that we will be collecting all (all means all 😉 ) pick up passes on the last day of school (5/23). We plan to recycle them so, know that you will get them back next year with a new grade level sticker. Even if you have a 5th grader, or are not returning next year for any reason, please turn in all of your pickup passes.

These passes are expensive, so it is important that we collect as many of the passes as possible (check under you couch cushions, in between your car seats, get the pass back from grandma/pa etc.).

5/23/24, 11:30a dismissal, there will be a collection bin out front at walkers and one in the back for car riders.

Again, 5/23 please turn in all pick up passes. Thanks!