Science News: Magnets & Traction

These second graders are exploring how a  magnet attracts iron filings. They had a fine time identifying magnetic and non-magnetic objects. Next week, third grade students will test two models of the hooves of mountain goats and discover how mountain goats can run and jump so well on steep rocky slopes.

Parents who want to volunteer for a particular class, please sign up on the google doc.

Fundraising Corner: Box Top Update

Thanks to your clipping Box Tops, we just submitted 1600 Box Tops, earning us $160 from General Mills! Thank you! Extra shout out to a few of you who clipped, counted and wrote the number on the bag!

Don’t forget– Box Tops for Education is going digital and phasing out the Box Top clipping. If you see the Box Top logo on your product that looks like the bottom logo in this image, you must find your RECEIPT and scan it through the new Box Top app. Download the Apple app or the Google Play app

As an incentive to get people converted to the new scanning method, from now until November 15, all receipts scanned into the app with box tops on them enter our school into a contest toward a $20,000 school makeover.

Keep up the good work! Every Box Top redeemed counts! Thank you!

Girl Scouts Beautify School

Sylvan Park Girl Scout Troop 672 Juniors Ariyona Bond, Millie Fuller, and Eve Miglietta (led by Junior Leader, Melissa Fuller) planted some seasonal annuals, perennials, and daffodil bulbs around the school sign on Sunday, Nov. 3rd. The Juniors are working on earning their “It’s Your World, Change it!” Journey badges. In addition to the plants in the front of the school, a Ginko tree will also be planted in the school playground area in the coming weeks. All plants were donated by Girl Scout Troop 672.

Science Lab Signup

Science Friday’s are off to a great start. Please choose a time to volunteer with your child’s class, or with a class that fits in your schedule. Parent volunteers help allow these labs to happen!

Last Friday 4th graders studied waves with the help of “screaming balloons” (inflated balloon with small hex nut inside), sound waves transmitted from elbow to ear, giant slinkies, and more.  Watch this fun Youtube video with your child about building a wave machine!

In the aftermath of this science fun, we need someone with high spatial IQ to untangle slinkies.  If you could do it, slinkies that need this are on floor of science room.  Thanks!

Parent Seminar on Restorative Justice

Parents practiced conducting a Paideia seminar discussing Restorative Practices, an approach to behavior managment adopted by Sylvan Park.

The rules and goals above help guide discussions and teach respectful communication. Students participate in roughtly 10 seminars each school year.

Tree murals provide a script for students involved in conflicts to work through the issue together. The restorative approach emphasizes finding an appropriate resolution rather then simply punishing a wrongdoing.