Support Our School With Your Amazon Purchases – It’s So Easy!

Did you know there are several ways you can help support our school when you make everyday purchases?

By linking your purchases from Amazon to Sylvan Park Paideia School, a percentage of every purchase is donated to our school.  It only takes a few moments to link an already existing account (or to create a new account to link) to Sylvan Park.  

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To create an online account with Amazon:

Click here.

To link your Amazon account to Sylvan Park:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Amazon account credentials.
  3. Find “Your current charity” then click “Change Charity.”
  4. Search for “Sylvan Park Elementary.”
  5. Select Sylvan Park.

Tip: Always shop at order for Sylvan Park to receive a percentage of sales, you must purchase online through (not

Try these 2 easy ways to start with a smile. Learn about AmazonSmile.

Amazon Smile
1. Create a bookmark to your bookmarks or favorites bar to create a shortcut to

2. Add link on your phone’s browser or shortcuts—that way you’re still donating even when shopping on the phone.