INVEST Campaign 2023-24

Your support will help each and every student at Sylvan Park Elementary.

For the past several years Sylvan Park has benefited from a much-needed instructional interventionist, which provides crucial support for students who are not at grade level.

All students benefit from this position. Without one, those students who meet or exceed grade level expectations will lose approximately 4 hours of direct instructional time per week from their teacher.

This position was previously supported by federal COVID relief funds that will end soon.  If we do not fund this position ourselves, we will lose it and the benefit it brings to Every Single Child at our school

How You Can Help

Please consider INVESTing in your child’s education and future and help us retain this valuable resource. We are asking each family to contribute $250 per student. If you can give more, please do as many of our families will not be able to make significant gifts or gifts of any size. 

Students show spirit as they kick-off the 2023 Fun(d) Run

students at Sylvan Park

Give what you can, on your schedule

Our goal breaks down to $250 per student, but every bit counts. Select the SPE Friend level to set a custom donation amount. Even a non-monetary pledge of support ($0) will count towards classroom pledge totals.

You do not have to pledge it all at once. You may split your pledge into smaller weekly or monthly contributions.

Share the Campaign

Our campaign depends on the cooperation and support of our students’ parents… but we hope you will help us to widen the net. Please share the campaign with grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends. The more people participate, the better the campaign will be!

What is an Instructional Interventionist?

What is an Instructional Interventionist?
An instructional interventionist teaches reading and math skills to students needing extra help with those foundational subjects, which are critical to their future success. These students are identified as “at risk” for suture reading and math difficulties.

Why isn’t Metro or the state funding this position?
Though the state legally requires that all students receive intervention who need it, the state does not provide funding for these positions. We have supported this position through federal COVID-19 funding, which runs out after the 2023-2024 school year. Unless we step up, we will lose this key position after this school year.

Is there any data to show the benefit of an interventionist?
YES. In the first year our school had an interventionist, 80% of students who worked with the interventionist improved their testing scores.

What happens if we do not raise enough money to fund this position?
Sylvan Park will no longer have an instructional interventionist. This person’s work becomes the work of your primary teachers, which means there is less class time focussed on students who meet grade level+ expectations

How much should I give?
Give what you can and please keep in mind that not everyone in our Sylvan Park community can make a gift of any size – let alone the suggested donation amounts. If you can make the minimum suggested donation ($250), please do! If you can do more – GREAT! There are various suggested donation levels and you can spread your payment out over time.

How can I encourage others to give?
We are looking for families and sponsors who wish to double their investment and encourage others to give via challenge gifts. Here is an example:
The XYZ family will give $2,500 if 50% of kindergarten families give by October 2nd.
If you are interested in this, please email

Pulling my child out of class each day was critical to him learning more.

Walk Me Through It

Donations are processed through our Cause Pilot Account, where, you will see the status of the campaign.

  1. Click GIVE NOW to see the pledge options.

  2. On the following page, select your giving level. Select SPE Friend to set a custom donation, including a $0 pledge of support.

  3. Add additional funds to your pledge, if you wish.

  4. Set your pledge as a one-time-payment, or amortize it out across months or weeks.

  5. Verify your name, or check the box if you do not wish your name to display.

  6. If you are making the pledge in memory of someone, add your message here.

  7. Add the name of your student
  8. Select the Teacher/Grade of your student. Classes get bonuses for participation, so make sure you select the right one.
  9. If you have multiple students, you may split your pledge across up to 3 students.

  10. Add to cart to complete the form

  11. Verify your pledge
  12. You may choose to add the credit card fees to your transaction. This helps us ensure that 100% of your donation goes to the campaign.
  13. Add a credit card to complete the transaction

    Check your email for your receipt, which you may retain for tax purposes.