Final PTO Meeting Minutes

The final PTO meeting was held Wednesday, May 6 via Zoom. To read the full business of the evening, view the minutes. Thank you to the following volunteers who will be serving on the PTO Board next school year:
President: Ruth Butler
VP/ Ex Officio: Theresa Yarber/Annette Ashley
Secretary: Casey Harvey
Treasurer: Chase Brannon/Tara McQuire
Teacher Appreciation: Natalie Goldsby/Christina Coldiron
Diversity: Kathy Hamilton/Sarah Laos
Communications: Lauren St. Marie/ Valerie Cordero
Fundraising: Jennifer Ervin
Volunteers: Sarah Grace/Whitney Denney
Community Relations: Tracy Eckert
Teacher Representatives: Jenna Myers (K-2), Amy Eberle (3-4), Lizzy Williams (Related Arts), Lisa Gorley (EE)
Principal: Elizabeth Goetz