Dress Code / Standard School Attire (SSA) 

Students must wear items listed below:


  • Any solid color shirt. No logo bigger than 2 inches (no text; collars not required) o Sleeveless (wide straps only), no tank tops 
  • Any sweaters, cardigans, or additional layer of clothing that is worn throughout the day should be a solid color. No logo being no bigger than 2 inches. No winter jackets can be worn inside building. 
  • No hats or hoodies can be covering head when inside the school. Headwear is only permitted for religious reasons. 
  • No oversized or undersized clothing allowed (ex. No top longer than bottoms. Bottoms must be visible. Midriff must be covered) 
  • Sylvan Park Spirit wear may be worn any day. 

SSA: logo 2
inches or


  • Any solid color pants/khakis/jeans/shorts/skirts/athletic pants (no holes/rips) 
  • Solid-colored leggings with a shirt/top that is fingertip length/completely covering
  • Leggings (solid colors) may be worn under dress/skirts/shorts 
  • Shorts/dresses/skirts must be to fingertip length


  • Shoes must have a closed toe. No flip flops.
  • Sneakers/tennis shoes strongly encouraged on PE days

Fridays-Spirit Day/Team Day

(wear Sylvan Park shirt or your favorite Team shirt/sweatshirt) **Any Non-SSA days will be communicated via call-out or by your child’s teacher.

Out of SSA 

  • 1st Offense – Teacher conference with student & clothing change 
  • 2nd & 3rd Offense – Teacher contact parent & document (Contact counselor if there are clothing needs)
  • 4th Offense– Admin contact parent (Ascertain clothing needs) 

Spirit Wear

Visit the  https://givemetees.com/collections/sylvan-park to order Sylvan Park Spirit wear for your child (and anyone else 😉 )

All items ship free to the school and will be sent home when the items arrive. Unless ship to home is selected.