Ukulele After School Club

The Ukulele Sprouts Club introduces all of the fundamentals of the playing of stringed instruments using the best kids’ instrument ever – the ukulele!
In Ukulele Sprouts we use original songs that were created on the uke to add essential motor skills seamlessly, one by one. We teach by ear which we believe is the most natural way to learn music, so there is no practice book necessary – all you need is your ukulele! ++ We design the classes to move quickly from one exercise to the next so students remain engaged while building skills, and we have them playing multiple chords and songs in a matter of weeks!This class is an effortless way to become musically fluent in a short amount of time, and your kiddos will be able to continue on ukulele or move over to guitar, fiddle, or bass or banjo with ease.

Appropriate for beginners ages 5-10++ – Promo code for 10% off of a Kala brand Ukulele provided after registration!
Ukulele Club meets on Tuesdays from 3pm-4pm
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