Spirit Night @ ML Rose

ML Rose is giving Sylvan Park 15% of sales ALL DAY TODAY, so come for lunch or bring the whole family to check out the new kids menu items and patio! Bring a paper or digital copy of the flyer for our school to receive the percentage.

Ice Cream Treats

Classes that raised the most money in the last seven days enjoyed an ice cream party last week. This week is the last to donate to the Fun Run Campaign that will support learning throughout the year. All classes that reach their classroom goal will get a special treat. View the latest on the FUN RUN Campaign below.

Spirit Wear News!

Spirit Wear will be improved and 30% off beginning October 14! 

The spirit wear site at French Toast is currently under construction in order to correct the issues we have been having with orders this year. When the site re-opens on October 14, shirts will be sold 30% off and will arrive at the school with shorter delivery windows! So mark your calendars to enjoy this sale after Fall Break.

Thank you for your patience as we have worked hard with the company to correct their system! 

Fun Run Week 3 Recap

With just a few days to go, we are close to hitting our fundraising goal, Sylvan Park!!!! Way to go Panthers!! 

This is the last week of our fundraising campaign, and we’ll celebrate our success this Friday at the FUN RUN!

Congratulations to last week’s winning classes*!
Kindergarten= Team Hobgood
1st Grade= Team Brodak
2nd Grade= Team Eubanks
3rd Grade= Team Newberry
4th Grade= Team Eberle

*Class that raised the highest amount per grade level in the third 7-day period, not overall. Last week’s winners celebrated with an ice cream party on Friday!

Congratulations to the classes that have already hit their classroom goal!  A reminder that all classes that hit their classroom goal will receive a special Fun Run treat!

It is not too late to donate! www.sylvanparkschool.org/donate 
Also, if your class has reached their goal, feel free to support another classroom!

Fun Run & Spirit Week Details

The Fun Run is next week! In celebration of our fundraising campaign, all students will participate in the Panther Pride Fun Run on Friday, Oct. 4. Each grade will go to the outdoor playground/track area during their Related Arts time to run/jog/skip/walk and celebrate together on the track! We invite all family members to attend, if able, to join in on the school spirit and celebration!  

Fun Run Schedule Oct. 4
Kindergarten 12:40-1:40
1st 9:00-10:00
2nd 11:10-12:10
3rd 1:45-2:45
4th 10:05-11:05

To make our first Fun Run a success- we need adult volunteers from each grade level to help set up, breakdown, keep everyone safe and administer first aid. Please consider lending a helping hand for one hour: sign up here to volunteer.

Leading up to the Fun Run- we will celebrate with Fun Run Spirit Week!

Encourage your student to participate and we hope to see you, too!  

Fun Run Week 2 News!

Our Panther Pride Fun Run fundraising campaign is half-way through…and we are right on target at half-way to our goal!!!! Way to go Sylvan Park!

Congratulations to last week’s winning classes!

K: Team Hobgood
1st: TIE between Team Rossberger and Team Woods
2nd: Team Hunt
3rd: Team Linton
4th: Team Bray

* These classes raised the most in the last seven days, not necessarily overall. They celebrated with a popcorn party!

Highest earning classes for Week 2 celebrated with a popcorn party.

Winners for Week 3 will earn an ice cream party! Reminder: All classes that hit classroom goal will receive a special Fun Run treat!

Thank you for your tremendous support— and keep it up! Every donation helps!

Walk to School Day

The annual Walk to School Day takes place next Wednesday, Oct. 2 starting at 7:30 at Sylvan Park Church. Join Coach Scott and other Sylvan Park families in a healthy start to the day!

September Science Labs

Third graders (L) studied the water cycle and first graders (R) learned about sound waves.

This year, lead science volunteers direct Friday science activities for each grade. With lead volunteers Kourtney Parks and Nyshauna Travers, fourth graders investigated potential and kinetic energy using materials loaned by the Vanderbilt Students Volunteering for Science program. Third graders, under parents Molly Smith and Jayme O’Neal, observed how the water cycle works works and how melting glaciers causes sea level rise. Last week, first graders discovered aspects of sound waves through ingenious activities developed by lead volunteer Tracy Smith with input from James Davis and Hector Segundo.  (Kindergarten and 2nd grade haven’t officially had Science Friday yet this month. Stay tuned!)

Thanks so much to all of the fantastic lead volunteers and parent participants!  Ask any 4th, 3rd, 2nd or 1st grader if they like science!!! 

All interested volunteers are invited to the first meeting of the Science Committee Monday October 14th at 8 am.  We will discuss how to best support, develop, and sustain the science program. The goal will be defining recommended focused efforts. Please come if you can. While the time prevents teachers from participating in this meeting, they will be included! If interested, but unavailable at that time, please contact Molly Miller at Molly.Miller@vanderbilt.edu.