Student Work from the School Wide Seminar on “ish”

ish seminar student work

We had our second school-wide seminar right before Thanksgiving break. 

Each class read the book ish by Peter Reynolds.  The story is about a boy who loves to draw until he is mocked for his drawings and loses his confidence and joy in creating art.  The ideas and values discussed were perfection, improvement, joy, motivation, and confidence. 

For our post seminar activity, students created a drawing to show how ‘ish‘ thinking may bring you joy and the feeling of confidence and success.  We created a school-wide crumpled art gallery to showcase our ish pictures.

The next time you visit, check it out!  It is located in the hallway near the cafeteria.    

Student Work from the School Wide Seminar on Elephant in the Dark

In September students participated in our first school-wide seminar for the 2023-2024 school year!  Our text for this seminar was Elephant in the Dark (based on a poem by Rumi; Retold by Mina Javaherbin).  In this seminar we discussed the values of perceptions, truth, understanding, differences, and cooperation.  For our post seminar activity, students worked in groups to write and/or draw what working together or solving a disagreement might look and sound like in our classrooms. 

Ask your child about this engaging and meaningful learning experience!  

Kindergarten Work

First Grade Work

Second Grade Work