Third Grade Creek Walk

Third graders practiced making scientific observations by examining specimen – living and non-living – at Richland Creek. Students also got extra time in nature, walking from school to the observation site and back. Thank you to parent volunteers who helped make it a safe field trip!

Gratitude for Teachers & Staff

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we want to encourage you and/or your children to write a thank you note to a teacher or other staff member who makes their days at Sylvan Park fantastic. We have amazing teachers, administrative staff, custodians, cafeteria workers, paraprofessionals, and other support staff – let’s offer our gratitude!

Music Notes from Mr. Burns

Beginning in January, Sylvan Park will have a new choir, the Sylvan Park Singers! The choir will rehearse weekly after school on Mondays and is available by audition to current third and fourth grade students. Students in those grades will be bringing home an informational letter and a permission slip in the first three weeks of November. Students interested in auditioning must return the signed permission form by Tuesday, November 26. No student will be allowed to audition without this form. Auditions will be held during music class the week of December 2-6 and members will be announced before the winter break. This is an exciting opportunity for outgrowth from the K-4 music curriculum and a terrific addition to the other wonderful offerings available at Sylvan Park. More detailed information can be found on the music class website or by contacting me.

I would like to encourage all families to routinely visit the music class website,, for more information about the music program as well as regular updates. Students can even find their current class songs to sing along with at home. You can also follow the music classes on Our twitter has already been recognized by local NPR personalities, the district fine arts office, local vocal organizations, and the a cappella group Voctave. Join in on the fun! 

Science News: Magnets & Traction

These second graders are exploring how a  magnet attracts iron filings. They had a fine time identifying magnetic and non-magnetic objects. Next week, third grade students will test two models of the hooves of mountain goats and discover how mountain goats can run and jump so well on steep rocky slopes.

Parents who want to volunteer for a particular class, please sign up on the google doc.