Monday: Ukulele Sprouts 🌱 Club – Sylvan Park Paideia, 3 – 4

Grades K-2nd SPRING 2024  / MONDAYS at 3p, $375.00

Presented by The Nashville School of Traditional Country Music, Ukulele Sprouts Club introduces all of the fundamentals of playing stringed instruments using the best kids instrument ever – the ukulele! No previous musical experience is required.

In Ukulele Sprouts, we use traditional and original folk songs created on the uke to add essential motor skills seamlessly; we also teach by ear – no practice book necessary!

This class is an effortless way for your child to become musically fluent in a short amount of time; they soon will be able to continue with ukulele or move to other stringed instruments with ease.

Start Week: January 22nd
$375 for 15 club dates
Grades K-2