Mon & Tues: SP Marathon Kids, 3 – 4

Marathon Kids is a RUNNING CLUB that meets once a week and is led by Coaches thrilled to get your children excited about running.

Kids will hear volunteer led talks about running, learn appropriate stretches and warm-ups, and run laps on the path at the school playground. This will prepare them to participate in and truly enjoy the Music City Marathon – Kids Rock Run in April. (separate registration is required for the Kids Rock Run and information will be provided on this closer to the event)

By registering for Marathon Kids you agree to the Code of Conduct below:

Marathon Kids Code of Conduct

1. Students will participate in daily club activities as defined by club leaders.
2. Students will treat their peers and club leaders with respect.
3. Parents/caregivers will arrive on time for pick up. There will be no after club student supervision.

Two strikes against the code of conduct guidelines will result in removal from the club without reimbursement.