Reflection Questions: De-stressing During Coronavirus

  • In the beginning of the article, the author compares stress to a glitter storm in your brain. She later talks about using deep breaths to help the “glitter” settle. What strategies have you found successful for helping yourself and/or your children “settle their glitter”?
  • The author talks about being responsive as opposed to reactive and says “the strategies we use to help children navigate their big feelings are the exact same tools I need to be using right now to navigate mine!” Why is important as the parent or caregiver that you navigate your feelings first?
  • Look at the section titled “Turning Down the FireHOSE.” The author lists four questions to ask when we feel our mood dip or our anxiety rise. These are questions you may ask yourself or help your child ask herself. Which of these situations (hungry, overstimulated, sleep-deprived, in need of exercise) are you or your family members struggling with the most right now? What would be some solutions to “turn down” those issues?
  • Towards the end of the article, the author talks about hearing her daughter explain the school closure to her brother. The daughter explains that they are helping keep grandma and grandpa safe. Having a purpose and understanding your role can make a difficult situation easier to handle. How can you help your child articulate his/her role during this unusual time?
  • Yes, our routines are being disrupted. Yes, the news is sobering. Yes, we are going to need to respond with flexibility and agility. But let’s not underestimate the bonds that can be strengthened when we face challenges together. What is something positive that your family has taken away from this happening?