Teachers on Twitter

Want to know more about instruction? Follow these teachers on Twitter!
Ms. Calverley (library): @sylvanparklib
Mr. Burns (music): @sylvanparkmusic
Ms. Pollard (technology): @Jennrpoll
Ms. Finnie (literacy): @raefinnie
Ms. Hobgood (K): @mschobgood
Ms. Myers (1st): @MsMyersSP
Ms. Rossberger (1st): @smrossberger 
Ms. Williams (3rd): @G4Kwilliams
Ms. Bray (4th): @bray_shari

Also visit Mr. Burns’ website: sylvanparkmusic.weebly.com where you can learn about the ‘New Mallet Campaign‘ and more about what’s happening in class each week.