2020 Census Affects School Funding

Efforts are underway to conduct the 2020 census in order to have a count of the population living in the United States. The federal government has designated Census Day as April 1; when completing the census, respondents will have to note where they are living on April 1. Before April 2020, households will receive information packets and invitations to participate via mail.

Families are encouraged to fill out and submit the census information. The census can be submitted online, via phone, or mail. It is also crucial to note that information identifying individuals is not supposed to be shared with other government agencies.

The population counts from the census determine the poverty level of our district, which is a factor in our Title I allocation. For children who are not counted in our district, our allocations could be impacted for the next 10 years! It is critical that as many households in Nashville as possible submit the forms.