Laptop, School Supply Kit, and Spirit Wear Deployment Plan

From Ms. Goetz:

Wednesday (July 29) from 12pm-4pm will be phase 1 of our technology deployment. If your household does not have a laptop or if you need a hotspot for wifi connectivity, this will be the time for you to pick one up. Just like in May, this will be curbside pick-up only. Staff will be outside- in the back parking lot- at the top of the car rider lane to greet you and bring your items out to you. Also being distributed Wednesday, July 29, from 12pm-4pm is school supply kits and spirit wear. If you purchased a school supply kit  and/or  ordered spirit wear prior to Thursday, July 23, come to the gym doors (also the back parking lot) at Sylvan Park and we will run them out to you. This will also be your last chance to pick up your child’s belongings from 2019-20 school year. If you did not get a chance to come for our May pick up, you have one more opportunity (ask the staff by the gym doors for your child’s bag). Any items not picked up will be donated.

Phase 2 of our technology deployment will include families with multiple children but not enough devices. Please do not come to pick up a laptop on Wednesday, July 29, if you have a laptop in your household. We want to ensure that those without a device are taken care of before distributing more devices to a household. Keep in mind, once the laptops purchased with the CARES Act funds arrive, everyone will receive a computer- but we will tackle that when the district receives those devices. In the meantime, we are distributing school computers, and they are limited. Phase 2 technology deployment will be Thursday, July 30, from 4pm-6pm (if you miss phase 1 and are in need of a device, you are welcome to come during phase 2 pick-up). Phase 2 will include families with multiple children but not enough laptops. Please come to the back parking lot Thursday, July 30, from 4pm-6pm. Thank you, in advance, for your patience as we work to distribute all of these needs during curbside pick-up. See you soon!