Grading for the 2020-2021 School Year

Here are the grading norms effective 9/8/20.

  • All assignments are due each Sunday at 11:59p. Assignments will remain accessible through the 9 week period but we strongly recommend that students submit assignments each week.
  • New assignments will be posted each week on Monday at 8am.
  • All teachers will ensure that graded assignments are easily found (Parents, please notice the right side of the Schoology pages and our How to Videos on our Weebly site).
  • One retake will be given for each graded assignment for any grade BELOW 70%.
  • The grade will be the AVERAGE of the two grades.
  • Lowest grade on any assignment/ assessment= ZERO (0%).
  • Lowest grade for a subject each quarter= FIFTY (50%).
  • FLVS modules/assignments will be adjusted by each grade level in each subject area using professional judgment while maintaining the integrity of the curriculum.
  • NOTE: related arts are required subjects. Students must complete the assignments/ assessments.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your teacher, or administration, if you have school level questions or concerns. MNPS wants to hear your voice. If you have concerns about the FLVS curriculum, or input about virtual learning at the district level, please reach out to our district board representative Abigail Tylor at